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" What should I be when I grow up?"  Whether you ask yourself that question as a college student, early in your career or even after you've been working for a long time, answering it can be tough.

Ed works with Career Direct Assessments to provide you with ideas, guidance and tremendous personal insight that enable you to choose your path with confidence that you'll be challenged, excited, fulfilled and rewarded in your career.

Career Assessments


Ed's goal as a career coach is to equip his clients with the tools needed to get a new job and achieve success:

  • understand what makes you tick
  • develop networking skills
  • strengthen your on-line presence
  • capture your assets in a powerful resume

For your benefit, Ed draws on his 25 years of public relations success to capture his clients in a powerful resume.  He won't be satisfied until each client's potential jumps off the page.  Just as his press releases capture the media's attention, so too will your resume grab the interest of targeted hiring managers. 

Resume Writing

Career Coaching