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Resume Writing

For your benefit, Ed draws on his 25 years of public relations success to capture his clients in a powerful resume.  He won't be satisfied until each client's potential jumps off the page.  Just as his press releases capture the media's attention, so too will your resume grab the interest of targeted hiring managers. 

Ed's goal as a career coach is to equip his clients with the tools needed to get a new job and achieve success:

  • understand what makes you tick
  • develop networking skills
  • strengthen your on-line presence
  • capture your assets in a powerful resume
Career Coaching

omcastYou're an expert in your field and know what it takes to succeed, how to contribute to your company's bottom line and/or serve your customers well.  But what about your career, your next job and achieving career fulfillment for yourself?

Or, you're just ready for a change, new challenges, to start fresh.  

Where do you begin?  By making a strategic investment in your future and talking with Career Coach and Resume Writer Ed Weirauch.


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